Aug 8, 2011

Old-Man Mimics Batman; Teen Copies Punisher

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Over the weekend, Channel 5 reported on two separate stories involving citizens standing-up to crime with two very different approaches.

First, we have the story of John Hogan, a retired detective who decided he would catch criminals by setting up a homemade non-lethal alarm system around his neighborhood that would set-off a siren when tripped. Reportedly this has reduced crime in his area.

Second, we have the story of an unnamed 16-year-old boy who decided he would deal with the criminals in his neighborhood using his father’s shotgun, a decision that resulted in the shooting of two men; two alleged criminals to be exact.

As a commentator, I’m not at all qualified to judge who took the right approach… but I do have a couple of questions, mainly; why did these “heroes” have such a different points of view on life?

It’s had to imagine that a retired detective wouldn’t own a gun, so why didn’t he just decide to shoot at criminals? Why would a sixteen-year old boy have no problem shooting at another human being?

As I said, I don’t know who ultimately did the right thing, but one thing I can say for certain is; if  I had a choice between who I'd rather have for a neighbor, a retired detective with crime-fighting gadgets, or a sixteen-year old with a shotgun… I think I'd probably go with the old-guy.

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