Apr 25, 2011

BPS Podcast - Nason Rumfield Interview

Check Out Nason's work on YouTube

This week's Podcast features a discussion with local Filmmaker Nason Rumfield. You can check out some of Nason, and his crew's most recent work on his Skit-Comedy YouTube Channel entitled 'Exceptional Yeti'.

Apr 18, 2011

BPS Podcast - Corine Garcia Interview

Corine's Full Performance of "La Pared" by Shakira MP3

This weeks Podcast features a discussion with local musician, and music teacher Corine Garcia. The show closes with a live performance by Corine, of the song "La Pared" by Shakira. 
You can download the full track by clicking the above link.

Apr 11, 2011

BPS Podcast - Gerald Salinas Interview

In our never ending quest to grow creatively as a company, we've decided it's time to take things to a new, and exciting level. We're proud to announce the launching of a new weekly audio podcast that will be available both on this site and on iTunes. Our goal with this new venture is to create a platform where local artists, entrepreneurs, etc., reach out, and share their passion, and inspirational stories. Our first episode will feature a phone interview with Semi-Pro Football player Gerald Salinas.

Apr 5, 2011

Myrapalooza 2011 - Daniela

 Daniela Martinez performs at Myrapalooza 2011. You can Download the mp3 files individually here, or download them straight into iTunes via our FREE Podcast.
We'll be uploading one track a day starting April 6, 2011. (6 Tracks Total)

                                                No Scrubs (TLC Cover)  | Download MP3   
                                                You Were Meant for Me (Jewel Cover)  | Download MP3
                                               Somewhere Only We Know (Keane Cover)  | Download MP3
                                               My Hero (Foofighters Cover)  | Download MP3
                                               Jar of Hearts (Christina Perri Cover)  | Download MP3
                                               No Rain (Blind Melon)  | Download MP3