Jul 30, 2012

Muddzilla - Marathon Man Episode 4

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Marathon Man Gerald Salinas, teams-up once again with Christopher, Albert and Emilio, this time to take on "Muddzilla", a 5K marathon event held at the Donna Corn Maze in Donna Texas on July 28, 2012. The Muddzilla track featured such obstacles as mud pits, an ice-water dive, barbed-wire crawls, electrified-wire huts. You can search trough all of the teams adventures through the Marathon Web-Series archive, and you can stay updated with all of our updates by downloading our Free Smart Phone App.

Jul 25, 2012

Rio Grande Valley Documentary Filmmaker; Christian Salinas


Editor's Note: This article is a continuation of our “Cast and Crew” biography series.

Christian started working with video since he got his hands on his first Magnavox VHS camcorder some time in the early 90's (which he still has in his closet), and has been working with video in some way or another ever since.

Although he's been recognized for some of his work in narrative filmmaking, Christian largely dedicates his efforts to documentary work, and multi-media journalism. Throughout his career, he has documented, community and sporting events, and has helped many Rio Grande Valley organizations create awareness, and promote their efforts through various forms of online digital media.

He currently serves as head filmmaker at BPS Films, and as editor-in-chief for one of the Rio Grande Valley's only truly-independent news outlets; RGHerald.com 

You can follow Christian Salinas' work here on this website, and/or contact him directly via his Facebook page, his Twitter profile, via email, or text at 956-437-4378.

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Jul 24, 2012

MAD Fashion Event 2012 Held in Weslaco Texas

David C.
As part of their continuing efforts to organize family-friendly community events the Model Citizen Promotions organization, headed by Carlos Cabrera, hosted the MAD Fashion Event held at Savory Perks Cafe in Weslaco Texas on July, 21. 2012. 

Corine Garcia
The event kicked-off with live musical performances by Corine Garcia, David C., Esteban Padilla, and other featured guests, followed by “Birds of Prey” runway fashion show featuring designs by local fashion and jewelery designers Maria Antonia Palacios, and Nadia Baughman. A notable highlight of the runway show was a Shoe Make-Over competition for which contestant Stephanie Brake of Rio Grande City, was voted first place. The event concluded with a spirited live performance by Damian LPC & Markkeyz.

Esteban Padilla
Stephanie Brake's winning shoe design

MAD Fashion "Birds of Prey" Runway Show

Damian LPC & Markkeyz Live Performance 

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Jul 17, 2012

Rio Grande Valley Engagement Video Production


Special thanks go out to Robert & Leidy, for trusting us with the production of their official Engagement Video. This video was filmed at the Old Hidalgo Pumphouse in Hidalgo Texas, and also at the McAllen Convention Center, in McAllen Texas. If you would like more information about commissioning our services to produce your engagement video, or any other video production service, please feel free to call/text Christian Salinas at 956-437-4378 or via our other "Contact" options.

As a special introductory rate, right now we are offering "Engagement Videos" at no extra charge with the purchase of one of our Wedding Packages (at full price). Call or Text Christian Salinas Today at 956-437-4378.

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Jul 13, 2012

BPS Films Mini-Doc Highlights Library's Efforts to Preserve History


After a lifetime of service, The Rio Grande Herald, Rio Grande City's official newspaper of record stopped printing in 2010. After the newspaper's closing, the Herald's last editor Kenneth Roberts, decided to donate the Herald's archive copies to the Rio Grande City Public Library. RGC's Library director Norma Gomez Fultz then immediately began the process of preserving the unique and irreplaceable newspaper archive, a process that inevitably took over two-years to complete.

The Library's efforts resulted in the production of an online searchable database of the Rio Grande Herald's newspaper archive spanning from the year 1972 - 2010. You can explore the archive by visiting the Rio Grande City Public Library's website, or by going directly to the archive database.

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Jul 10, 2012

Rio Grande Valley Filmmakers; Gerald Salinas


Editor's Note: I was in the middle of updating our "About Us" page when I got a better idea; I thought it would be a little more interesting to post up short Bio's of our crew, cast members from recent projects, and other people/groups we've had the privilege of working with over the years. I figured why not start with the most public figure of our little operation, the "Marathon Man" himself... Gerald Salinas

Gerald S. Salinas has been with Border Perspective from the very beginning. After attending The Art Institute of Dallas, Gerald returned to the Rio Grande Valley where he worked as the official film critic for the local newspaper in print at the time; The Rio Grande Herald, and he continues to serve as a guest blogger for the publication's website/blog.

Gerald began experimenting with filmmaking by shooting a few short films with friends, and eventually moved on to critical success directing the science fiction short-film The Inevitable, for which Gerald received multiple awards including "1st Place" and "Best Action".

Currently, Gerald has decided to take on some of the toughest challenges the Rio Grande Valley has to offer by signing up for local Marathon Events, and documenting his adventures in Border Perspective's first official web-series "Marathon Man".

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Rio Grande Valley Short Films; The Alternative Revisited

The Alternative is what we could now classify as our "Break-Out Film", it's officially the first short film we ever made using the traditional filmmaking process, in other words, it's the first time we actually took the time to write a script, story-board, cast and actually set-up lighting. It only took about a day to shoot, but it ended up taking well over a month to edit.

The Alternative is also the first short film we submitted into a film competition, and much to our surprise, we actually ended up winning some awards for it including "Best Director" and "Best Cinematography". Winning those awards meant a lot to us at the time, but it wasn't until years later that I fully understood just how important this film is to me personally.  The success of The Alternative helped me understand that anything is, in fact, possible as long as we put serious effort into completing any goal we set out for ourselves. 

We've since produced other short-films, but The Alternative still stands as my all time favorite, Thank You for viewing the film, and please feel free to explore all our other videos on you official YouTube Channel.

-Christian Salinas

Jul 5, 2012

Rio Grande Valley Marketing and Promotional Video Production


Here at Border Perspective Studios, we're excited to announce that we are now offering Marketing and Promotional Video Production Services to help local businesses, artists, musicians, clubs and organizations, promote their services, products and events online.

Our goal is to help both commercial, and community (non-profit) organizations reach their target audiences through online media such as social networking, websites, blogs, and mobile apps. Whether it's a local Gym wanting to create a video-tour of their facility, to a local Library wanting to promote an upcoming special event, we are ready to provide our award winning videography services throughout the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. We have always been proud of our ability to accommodate any budget, and as always, we continue to offer considerable discounts to non-profit organizations.  

You can view samples of our most recent productions on our Official YouTube Channel. If you would like more information about our videography services or to commission our services, you can contact Christian Salinas using the Contact Info, found on this site.  

Sample Video 

Jul 4, 2012

Marathon Man; Episode 3


In this episode, Gerald and Christopher test out the GoPro Hero on a Griffin-Harness in preparation for the upcoming Donna Texas Marathon event; Muddzilla.  Check out Griffin's video and learn how you can build your own Griffin-Harness with as little as $14.

You can follow Gerald's "Marathon Man" web series right here on this site, on the BPS Films YouTube Channel, or on your Mobile Device via the Border Perspective Smart Phone App.