Apr 15, 2012

Border Perspective Company Update

Hello Everyone, and Thanks for checking in on the site...

As you may or may not have noticed, Border Perspective has been going through some changes lately. There has, in fact, been so many changes to the structure of our little organization that I thought now would be a good time to address some of them...

First of all... What happened to the Podcast?
The Border Perspective Audio Podcast was a media experiment we began in the Summer of 2011, and concluded at the end of the same year . We had a lot of fun producing it, and we received a lot of positive feedback, but most importantly we learned a lot about what it takes to produce something on a weekly basis. The Podcast Experiment was not only a success, it was TOO BIG of a success. Toward the end of year we found that our recourses were sadly stretched too far beyond their limits and we were unfortunately unable to keep producing it.

What Happened to the Movie Reviews?
Here at Border Perspective we all LOVE Movies, and writing movie reviews was something I personally really enjoyed doing. The reason for why I haven't been able to keep writing reviews is simply a scheduling conflict. Most of the work we're commissioned for happens to fall on the weekend about 80% of the time, which results in me just simply not being able to see new releases until days or weeks after the premiere.  For some reason, I just find myself unmotivated to write a review for a movie too far after it's initial release.

So what ARE we doing?
We decided 2012 would be largely dedicated to Filmmaking, Video Production and Publishing. We are currently in the pre-production stages of a Short Film, and a Web-Series. We are also making arrangements to produce a handful of Short-Documentaries, and we're also in the planing stages of putting together a Graphic Novel...  And, of course, we are constantly taking-on commission work to help fund these projects, since most are produced at our own expense.

As I mentioned, we LOVE movies,  and I personally obsess over new-movie news and information, so you will find that I now constantly update our Twitter feed with the latest movie buzz. We also plan on re-launching the Audio Podcast, on a limited basis, to mostly highlight upcoming community events. We also plan on featuring more guest bloggers on our blog, and I will also continue my Journalism work by regularly contributing to the local news blog rgherald.com

So, thats a brief(ish) recap on where we stand for now, you can stay updated on everything we do by following us on Facebook or Twitter (or both).

Thanks Again for all your continued Support!

-Christian Salinas

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