Mar 19, 2012

2012 - 2013 Service Rates

Filmmaking Services

Videography Services for events at an hourly rate. (rate includes basic content editing) *Special Rates for Weddings and Events. Call Contact Numbers Below
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Highlights Video
A video featuring highlights of covered events. (Samples)
Rate is reduced by 50% with 2 or more hours of videography services. 
Short Documentaries intended for online distribution of any length not exceeding 10 minutes.
Music Videos
Music Video creation for Artists with original music.
Scenes/Short Films
Short Film or short scene creation of any length not exceeding 35 minutes. Includes audio mixing and Special FXs. (samples)
Online Promotional Commercial.
Promotional Video Commercial intended for online distribution of any length not exceeding 2 minutes. (ex. Facebook/Youtube) (samples)
Television Commercials
Broadcast Quality Television commercial production not exceeding 30 seconds in length.
Feature Length Documentaries/Films
Educational Documentary or Film Production of any length not exceeding 120 minutes.

Audio Recording Services

Location Recording
Non-Studio audio recording. (Samples)
$75.00 hr.
Audio Editing
Audio editing and file conversion (ex. mp3) (Samples)
$50.00 per audio track
Podcast/MP3 Hosting
Online audio file distribution and sharing. (Samples)
$15.00 per audio track


We offer photography services in association with Miguel Angel Photography visit  for more info.

Graphic Art; Illustration
(Website Elements)
Commercial Art
Creation of Original graphic art to be used in printed and/or online publications
$100 per graphic element
(additional $80 per element for HTML coding)
Book Illustration
Illustrations intended for book publishing (ex. children’s book, comic book)
$800 per page
Album Artwork
Artwork/Photographs  intended for use in album artwork
$400 plus photography fees

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