Aug 16, 2012

RGV Independent Film Premieres this Saturday in Mission

Rio Grande Valley independent filmmaker Knives Monroe will debut his film 'Her Doppelgänger' at a "one-night only" premier event this Saturday, August 18, 2012 at the historic Border Theater in Mission Texas.

The film's plot revolves around twin sisters Miandra and Melissa, and their conflict associated with the eating disorder bulimia. "I made this movie for women." states Monroe . "I made this movie for a subculture of women who are battling a specific eating disorder (bulimia) because they've never had a movie to call their own that talks about the subject matter clearly and truthfully. I hope this movie provides them with a voice, because they are voiceless."

The showing will begin at 7:15 p.m., and admission will be $7, per adult. Children under 12-years of age will be granted free admission.

Film Synopsis
Bulimia. It consumes mind, body, and soul. A story of twin sisters. Miandra, no longer able to cover-up her haunting secret, and Melissa who protects her sister’s secret at all costs. What happens when a lie becomes the only truism in their lives? If less is more, then nothing is everything. Her Doppelgänger is a film about the depth of burdens, the scars the word ugly leaves behind, and the courage it takes to endure the punishment you don’t deserve.
Film Cast
Perla Rodriguez, Celeste Loya, Edward Cantu, Rodrigo Tello, Elizabeth Ezry, Eric Stone, Lassiter Holmes
Directed by
Knives Monroe
Suitable for general audience, parental guidance suggested (filmmaker implied)

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