Jul 10, 2012

Rio Grande Valley Short Films; The Alternative Revisited

The Alternative is what we could now classify as our "Break-Out Film", it's officially the first short film we ever made using the traditional filmmaking process, in other words, it's the first time we actually took the time to write a script, story-board, cast and actually set-up lighting. It only took about a day to shoot, but it ended up taking well over a month to edit.

The Alternative is also the first short film we submitted into a film competition, and much to our surprise, we actually ended up winning some awards for it including "Best Director" and "Best Cinematography". Winning those awards meant a lot to us at the time, but it wasn't until years later that I fully understood just how important this film is to me personally.  The success of The Alternative helped me understand that anything is, in fact, possible as long as we put serious effort into completing any goal we set out for ourselves. 

We've since produced other short-films, but The Alternative still stands as my all time favorite, Thank You for viewing the film, and please feel free to explore all our other videos on you official YouTube Channel.

-Christian Salinas

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