Jul 25, 2012

Rio Grande Valley Documentary Filmmaker; Christian Salinas

Editor's Note: This article is a continuation of our “Cast and Crew” biography series.

Christian started working with video since he got his hands on his first Magnavox VHS camcorder some time in the early 90's (which he still has in his closet), and has been working with video in some way or another ever since.

Although he's been recognized for some of his work in narrative filmmaking, Christian largely dedicates his efforts to documentary work, and multi-media journalism. Throughout his career, he has documented, community and sporting events, and has helped many Rio Grande Valley organizations create awareness, and promote their efforts through various forms of online digital media.

He currently serves as head filmmaker at BPS Films, and as editor-in-chief for one of the Rio Grande Valley's only truly-independent news outlets; RGHerald.com 

You can follow Christian Salinas' work here on this website, and/or contact him directly via his Facebook page, his Twitter profile, via email, or text at 956-437-4378.

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