Jun 4, 2012

Border Perspective Smart-Phone App Beta Test

Hello Everyone,

We're excited to announce the launch of our Official Smart-Phone App... well, almost. We're actually still in the testing phase for which we need your help!

Here's how you can help us out...

  • Follow the link on your mobile device, and install the App:  http://bpscast.mobapp.at it should take you directly to the download page (in some cases it actually starts downloading automatically)
  • Explore the App's features
  • Let us know what works, and what doesn't,  (we would really appreciate ANY kind of feedback) You can comment on this post, or email us at bpscast@gmail.com

… and that's it, pretty simple. If the App works perfectly on your smart-phone, and you're happy with its overall performance, by all means, keep it installed. We are working on posting content on it as often as possible. If you hate it, simply remove it, and we Thank You in advance for being a part of our Beta Test, and for offering your feedback.

Thanks Again for all your continued support, 
and please check back soon for further updates. 

- Christian Salinas

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