Feb 3, 2012

Chronicle Film Review

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IMDB Plot Summery
Three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides

As Advertised 
The trailers for Chronicle made it seem as though it would be a movie about a bunch of goofy high school kids that somehow end up getting supper powers, have fun with it at first, but then take the fun just a little too far. That’s pretty much exactly what you get in Chronicle, with a little commentary on the apparent need these days for everyone to film everything they do and put it on the internet.

Entertainment Value
Chronicle features some pretty great scenes with visuals that are not only awesome, but very engaging. The “found footage” story telling method works effectively in taking us along for the ride as the kids do exactly what all of us would do if we were suddenly gifted with super powers as high school students. But just like all amusement rides, the ride is over way too soon.

The first half of Chronicle is undeniably fun, and entertaining. Things get a little darker in the second half, but the over all tone remains constant. Everything progress in logical order, and the characters are all seem to develop very naturally. Things do get a little silly every now and then, mainly due to the filmmakers attempt to keep the entire movie in “found footage” style. There are a couple of scenes where it would just be completely ridiculous for anyone in their right mind to keep filming, and there are also occasions where the film seems to stop simply just to explain why they are all filming themselves. Although these things get a little annoying, I would say they in no way subtract from the overall enjoyment of the film. Whether its intentional or not (but I’m pretty sure it is), Chronicle also seems to explore the strange state of modern culture where privacy no longer seems relevant, and nobody seems to have a problem filming and photographing horrible moments of their lives and posting them online for everyone to see.

The Good
A very entering and well developed film.

The Not so Good
It has its fair-share of silly moments.

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