Sep 23, 2011

BP Movie Review; Moneyball

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IMDB Plot Summery
The story of Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's successful attempt to put together a baseball club on a budget by employing computer-generated analysis to draft his players.

Film Review By Christian Salinas
This film is being sold as a “Sports Drama”, so I was pretty much expecting an, ‘over coming the odds’, ‘David Vs. Goliath’ type story, with a roller-coaster of emotional arcs… in some ways, this film is pretty much exactly that, but it also offers a little something extra. (the “extra” is related to how the story ends, so I won’t say much about it).

Entertainment Value…
This movie is entertainment but in a very quiet way, I would compare it to an enjoyable conversation with a highly respected friend; no big laughs, no tears, but also no meaningless comments about the weather. If you walk into the theater expecting a drama dependent heavily on dialogue, and performance, you’ll walk out not regretting having bought your ticket.  
It’s a little longer than most new films (133 min.), but I like this movie. I’ll admit, as is the case with most ‘based on a true story’ films, they’re a little tough to review because it's difficult to determine if I like the film because it’s well made, or just because the story itself was so amazing to begin with... or both. I’ll start by saying; this is a solidly made film, it features great performances by virtually the entire cast, (but being that it features a healthy amount of A-list actors, that’s no real surprise) The tone is kept consistent, and the emotional arcs are effective because a lot of time was dedicated to making sure we feel an emotional attachment to the main character. While most sports dramas center around the success of an individual, or sometimes, a whole team, this is a film about how an idea transformed an entire sport, but it’s also a little more than that…I don’t want to give away anymore, because I hate spoilers, but in my opinion, the real significance of this film lies heavily in how it ends, and what the main character and us as the audience take away from the outcome. I consider it an interesting ‘message’ on the true meaning of success, and failure… and I think the film did a great job in exploring that.

The Good…
Not just a great sports drama, but a well made movie with good performances, and a well written, well structured story. You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy it.

The Not so Good…
Coming in at almost 2 hrs, and 15 min., it’s a little longer than most new films today.

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