Aug 25, 2011

Mexico Warns: Beware of Valley Violence?

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A report featured in The Monitor this week, seems to suggest Mexico has just declared one of the loudest “You think your ---- don’t stink?” in recent history. 

According to the report, officials from the Matamoros Chamber of Commerce accused U.S. news media (more specifically RGV media) of purposely not reporting the “reality” of U.S. border violence.

A warning was issued to Mexican citizens to take precautions when traveling into the U.S. border cities of the Rio Grande Valley.

Everyone has the right to call things as they see them, but I do think officials should should be a little more selective with the things declare. This may be a matter of perspective, but it would seem to me that, stating that the violence reported along the Mexican side of the border is comparable to the crime in U.S. border cities is dramatic overstatement.

Even if U.S. media was purposely not reporting crime incidents throughout the Rio Grande Valley (which is extremely doubtful), it’s unlikely that there could be mass murders, mass kidnappings, massacres, and mass graves being found, or happening here in the RGV and that none of the news organization have been reporting on it. 

Although its tactics are questionable, and some of the claims may be exaggerated, I actually don’t think Mexico is doing anything wrong by advising its citizens to take precautions when traveling into the U.S. as a general travel advisory, because the truth is, the world can be a very dangerous place, and we are living in some pretty unique times facing many challenges. The very obvious truth facing everyone these days, unfortunately, is that we all really should take precautions when traveling anywhere. But, what was stated on the report went beyond just a travel advisory, and I would say the official's words are comparable to childish "school yard" trash talk.

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Johnny Brovo said...

This to me is very offensive to be talking about the U.S side like this. What Mexico should worry about is how the hell did they let their country get out of hand so fast. Instead of them warning their people know about coming to the South border of the U.S. The U.S. should but a lockout on our own citizens from going over there. All of this has got to be stopped. I think it is time Not only the U.S. but Mexico as well to lay down the law and start kicking ass around there!