Jun 21, 2011

New Valley Magazine; A Game Changer

By Christian Salinas
Anyone who frequents local coffee shops, bookstores, and waiting rooms here in the Rio Grande Valley, is well aware that there is no shortage of locally published newspapers, and magazines. That being the case, any new publications hoping to break into the market must, by necessity, have some pretty outstanding features to shake-up the industry. Entrepreneurs Olga Adame, and Sonia Arriaga believe the RGV version of Maxwell Magazine will do just that. 

Olga, and Sonia listed some of the key features that they believe will make Maxwell a unique publication in the Rio Grande Valley.

A Well Established Reputation
Maxwell magazine has been around in one form or another for almost a decade. In that time, it has established itself in the Mexican magazine industry as a leader in the lifestyle, and entertainment genre with a reputation comparable to U.S. publications such as Vogue, and Vanity Fair magazine.

A Sold Publication
Maxwell magazine is a paid publication which will be featured in the official magazine sections of local establishments, offering local advertisers an opportunity to accurately target their desired costumer base. Being a paid publication also allows Maxwell the ability to offer greater quality editorial content.

A Bilingual Magazine
Although originally from Mexico, the Rio Grande Valley edition of Maxwell magazine will feature both English, and Spanish articles, which will make it perfectly suitable for the diversity of the valley.

Well Balanced Local Content
Maxwell magazine, will strive to make their publication a well balanced composition of local advertisements, and editorial content. It will feature businesses offering the highest quality products, and services in the Rio Grande Valley as well as articles, and interviews of local individuals actively, and successfully pursuing their passions.

You can learn more about Maxwell Magazine by visiting their Official Website, or by following their official FaceBook Page.

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